Monday, April 27, 2015

The Gospel is Good News: Home Ideas

The gospel is the good news about Jesus!  As you talk about sharing the gospel with others this week, you can also introduce your preschooler to simple map and geography concepts.
  • Read stories in your child's Bible about the Apostles Paul and Peter as they spread the good news gospel of Jesus.   Pray together for your pastors and missionaries that you know who preach the gospel.
  • Look at a map or globe together.  Find the city where you live, as well as the places where family, friends and missionaries you know may live.  Visit to find missionaries all over the world.
  • Watch this animated story of Paul's travels as he preaches the gospel.
  • Watch, sing and dance along to "Go!" by Yancy and friends.
  • Find opportunities to share the love and good news of Jesus with people you and your little one encounter in your neighborhood, at the park, at the grocery store, etc.

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