Monday, April 20, 2015

Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit: Home Ideas

Teaching your little one about the Holy Spirit can be as fun as making a windsock, doing sidewalk art, and eating yummy snacks.  Here are some great springtime activities to do with your child this week that also help introduce them to the concept of the Trinity, and the Holy Spirit as our helper.

  • Read the story of the Day of Pentecost in your child's Bible.  Talk about how Jesus kept His promise to send the Holy Spirit, and gave us a special language to help us talk to God when we pray.  Pray together, and thank Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help them obey, tell the truth, and tell others about Jesus.
  • Look for times when your child is having difficulty doing the right thing, completing a task or overcoming fear.  Pray with your child to ask the Holy Spirit to help them in this situation.
  • Make a windsock.  Let you child decorate an empty toilet paper roll.  Staple long strips of ribbon or streamers to one end of the tube and hang it up outside.  Watch the wind blow the sock.  Discuss the wind: “We can’t see the wind, but we can feel the wind and we can see the wind blowing things.  That’s just like the Holy Spirit. We can’t see Him with our eyes, but we know He is with us.  He will help us obey and follow Jesus.”  (You could also fly a kite and discuss the same concept.)           
  • God has three parts just like a triangle.  Help your child draw triangles with sidewalk chalk.  Then think of other things you can draw with triangles (i.e. house with a triangle roof, ice cream cone, hat, etc.)
  • Hard boil an egg.  Crack it open to discover the three parts of an egg: the shell, the white and the yoke.  It is one egg but it has three parts.  There is one God but he has three parts.  Sprinkle on salt and eat a yummy egg snack!  An apple is another great snack that also has three parts: the peel, flesh and core.

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