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Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit

What do balloons, pinwheels and triangles all have in common?  They all help us introduce preschoolers to the Holy Spirit!  Simply put, my goal is to teach them that, the Holy Spirit is God, and His job is to help us.

Bible Truth: Jesus sent the Holy Spirit.
Bible Story: Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper.  God is three in one.
Bible Study: John 14:15-18, 25-28; Acts 1:4-8; I John 5:7


up and away, here to stay

A couple helium balloons provide a great way to visually connect Jesus' ascension, which we taught last week, and Jesus' promise to send the Holy Spirit.  Bring two balloons, and the children outside for this illustration.  Tie one balloon to your wrist, and keep it out of sight behind your back.  Release the other balloon and remind the children how the disciples watched Jesus go up, up, up into the clouds as you watch the balloon's ascent.

© Syaochka | - Red Balloon Photo

When the balloon is out of sight, explain that Jesus promised his friends that he would not leave them alone. He promised to send the Holy Spirit to always be with them.  Release the other balloon, tied to your wrist, from your grasp, illustrating that wherever you go, the Holy Spirit is always with you.  Just as the balloon is filled with air, Jesus said that you will know that you are filled with the Holy Spirit because He will give you a special heavenly language to speak.

trinity triangle

I use a triangle to teach the children that there is one God, who has three parts, and three jobs.  To create my visual I used:
  • foamie sheets
  • jumbo craft sticks
  • glue
  • scissors
  • Velcro
Glue three jumbo craft sticks in the shape of a triangle onto a foamie sheet.  Cut out a heart, cross and hand from foamie sheets as shown below.  Attach Velcro to the back of each shape and to the corresponding places on the foamie sheet. 

I start out  counting the three sides, and three corners of the triangle with the children. Then I cover up a side or a corner of the triangle with my hand, and ask, "If I take away this part of the triangle, do I have a whole triangle?  No!  There's a part missing."

I go on to explain that God is like a triangle. He has three parts.  I attach the heart and explain that He is God the Father who loves us and takes care of us.

Then, I attach the cross and explain that He is God the Son, Jesus, who died on the cross for us.

Finally, I attach the hand and explain that He is God the Holy Spirit who is our helper.  I then cover up the hand shape with my hand and ask, "If I take away the Holy Spirit do I have all of God? No! You need all three parts to have all of God."

I go on to ask the same question and make the same statement about God the Father, and God the Son.


  • Three In One - this song accompanies the trinity triangle visual.  Remove the three shapes from the visual used in the lesson, and then add them to the visual at the appropriate times in the song.  Follow the link for the song's tune, lyrics and actions.  Tip: Print and glue the lyrics to the back of the visual for ease of use.

  • Three In One - this is a different song with the same title and same message that would work well for older children.  Follow the link for a music video.


trust the guide

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit guides us in all truth (John 16:13).  This game illustrates that point.  Set up furniture or cones in the room as a simple obstacle course.  Choose two children to be a team.  Blindfold one child.  The other child leads their teammate through the course, without bumping into anything.  Just as we can trust our friend to lead us through the course, we can trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in doing what is right.


always with me balloons

Kids are always excited about balloons!  Taking one home will help them remember your lesson, and remind them that the Holy Spirit is always with them.  For this craft you will need:

To prepare, print, cut out and punch a hole in the scripture cards.

In class, trace each child's hand on the back of their scripture card.  Provide crayons or markers for them color and decorate their hands. Attach each card to the string of a helium balloon.  Tie a balloon, with their decorated card, to the wrist of each child.  They will love taking home a balloon!

© Mrspants | - Cute Girl With Balloons Photo

three in one

This craft is based on the visual used in the lesson.  In addition to coloring and adding craft sticks to the page, you could also add stickers, or cut outs in the shape of a heart, cross and hand.  Coloring in the numbers and letters on this sheet helps to develop pre-writing skills. The lyrics to the song are also included so children can sing it at home with their parents. You will need:

paper pinwheels

We cannot see the Holy Spirit, but we can feel Him.  We can see that He is helping us, as He gives us the power to overcome sin, and do what is right.  Pinwheels remind us of the Holy Spirit.  We cannot see the air that makes the pinwheel move, but we know the air is there, because we can feel it, and we can see it make the pinwheel spin.  Click here for a pinwheel tutorial.  Prepare and cut the paper before class.  In class, provide markers and stickers for the children to decorate their pinwheels before you assemble them.

See this post for more great ideas for teaching your child about the Holy Spirit at home this week!

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