Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Birthday America

Birthdays are a big deal to little ones, so celebrating the Fourth of July as America's birthday is a fun way to explain the importance this day!  Our celebrations may be a little bit more low key this year,  but hopefully you can celebrate our nation's freedom as a family, and make some great memories together.  Now, more than ever in our lifetime, we need to pray, and teach our children to pray for our country, our leaders, and our fellow believers around the world. May God bless America!



I rounded up some simple patriotic crafts and coloring sheets that I found on Pinterest.  Visit my board and choose some activities to do with your little ones at home.


In addition to singing Happy Birthday to America, here is an album with some great patriotic songs to introduce to your kids.  Play it as the soundtrack to your day, and they will likely choose a favorite or two to hear on repeat.  If you choose to do a flag craft, you can play You're a Grand Old Flag and have a flag parade in your living room!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Father's Day

Bible Story: Thank God for my daddy.
Bible Study: God is our Father.  He loves us, protects us and gives us everything we need.  He gives us good fathers to take care of us.
Bible Truth: Exodus 20:12; Matthew 7:7-11; Proverbs 4:1-2; 23:22-24

seeds for thought

Father's Day can be a tricky to navigate with our little ones.  On one hand we want to uphold and honor good fathers, and it is absolutely right to do so.  On the other hand we also want to be very sensitive to children who are growing up with absent fathers.  For these children, Father's Day can be difficult.  My approach is to speak about this reality very gently and indirectly.  In my lesson I say, "Sometimes our dads make mistakes, or they can't be with us."  Every child can identify with this statement on some level.  Then, I point the children to our perfect Heavenly Father.  Every child needs to know that they have a Father in heaven who loves them, cares for them, and gave His only Son so that we can be His children.


visuals to gather:
  • picture of you with your dad
  • picture of your dad doing his job
  • hammer (or any tool)
  • laptop (or any device)
  • wrapped gifts
  • heart shaped gift box
  • baby Jesus figurine (or picture)
  • wooden cross
A picture of you with your dad when you are young is a fun way to introduce your Father's Day lesson.  Kids don't usually think of their teachers as ever being children, so seeing a picture of "little you" is interesting to your little ones, and also helps them connect and identify with you.  In my video lesson I connect the concept of dads working to the idea that God, our perfect Heavenly Father is always working for us and for our good.  In Matthew 7:11 Jesus tells us that our earthly fathers know how to give us good gifts, but God knows how to gives us the best gifts.  The best gift that He has given us is the gift of His only Son Jesus.  Jesus was given to die for us, so that we can be God's children.  Our Heavenly Father loves us, and nothing can separate us from His love.


One of my favorite things to do for Mother's and Father's Day crafts is to write down what children say about their parents.  Their own words are so sweet, memorable and personal!  I provide two wording options for this craft.  The first one is clearly for a child to give to their dad.  The second could be given to their dad, or another significant man in their life.  Choose the best one for each child, depending on their family situation.  You could also just use the second option for all the children, so that there is no difference between them.  

You will need:
In class, allow the children to choose a color of construction paper to glue their page to.  Use the blank space to write down the reason each child says about why they love their dad, or think someone in their life is a good man. Provide any art medium you have, or choose, for the children to color their pictures.  I love these paints because they are so easy, mess free, and vibrant in color!  Encourage the children to sign their own name.  You can write it again for clarity if needed. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Jesus Changed Zacchaeus' Heart Video Lesson

I pray you and your little ones are well.  Enjoy this week's video!

Follow the links below to see my original blog posts for this lesson, where  you'll find songs and printouts for a couple crafts and a coloring sheet.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Jesus Blesses Little Children Video Lesson

Since we've all moved to online church platforms, I've been inspired to create weekly video lessons for our kids to watch at home.  Here's the first lesson.  Stay tuned for more to come! 

Click on the links below to see my original blog posts of this lesson, where you'll find songs, activities, crafts, coloring sheets and more for you to do with your children at home.  You are welcome to share this resource with others!

I pray you and your loved ones are safe and well.  I am grateful to live in a time when even though we have to stay physically apart, we have ways to stay connected, encourage one another, and proclaim the love of Jesus.  I leave you with Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!"

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Jesus Heals a Woman & a Girl

Bible Truth: Jesus heals me.
Bible Story: Jesus healed a woman who had been sick for a very long time, and raised a little girl back to life.
Bible Study: Luke 8:40-56, 1 Peter 2:24, Psalms 103:1-3

seeds for thought

In this passage of Luke's gospel, Jesus is on His way to heal Jairus' daughter, when a desperately sick woman reaches out by faith to touch the hem of His garment, and receives her healing.  The intersection of these two women's lives, and their needs, poses some striking differences and similarities.  Twelve years is obviously significant for each of them.  For twelve years, the woman's life slowly drained from her body.  For twelve years the little girl lived a vibrant life, before she was suddenly overcome with sickness, and eventually death.

On this day, at the convergence of twelve years, they both needed a miraculous healing.  When the woman reached out to touch Jesus, the steady flow of blood that drained her of life, stopped in an instant, and she received new life.  When Jesus reached out, taking the little girl by the hand, life-giving blood instantly flowed through her lifeless body, and she opened her eyes to new life.

Both of these stories demonstrate that the life-giving power is released from Jesus to our need at the moment that His life touches ours.  I pray that Jesus touches you, and your precious children as you love them and lead them to Jesus this week.


doctor, doctor

A woman who had been very sick for many years went to see many doctors, but none of them could heal her, or make her feel better again.  A first aid kit, with either real supplies, or toys, helps the children to connect their experiences at the doctor, with this woman.  I begin the lesson by bringing out a first aid kit.  I briefly talk about each item, and how doctors use these things to help us.

touching Jesus

As I considered this lesson, I wanted movable visuals that could actually reach out and touch at the very moment of the miracle.  I made extremely simple felt tunics for a few of our dollhouse figurines with movable arms, and belted them with strands of leather lacing.  You could use figurines, dolls, or even stuffed animals, in the same way.  As I read the story from a children's Bible, or narrate with my own words, I manipulate the characters.

The woman who was very,very sick, Jesus and Jairus' daughter

The woman pushed through the crowd, and got close enough to reach out and touch the edge of Jesus' clothing.
As soon as she touched Him, all of the sickness left her body and she was healed!

Jesus told the woman that her faith made her well.  The woman said thank You to Jesus and praised God for healing her!

Jesus took the little girl by the hand and said, "My child, get up!"

The little girl got up, and Jesus told her mom and dad to give her something to eat.

Jesus did a miracle!  Only Jesus can raise somebody from the dead and bring them back to life!  

Thank God for doctors who can give us medicine or a shot when we need it.  They take care of us when we are sick or hurt, and help us to get better, but Jesus is the best doctor of all!  He doesn't need to use medicine or band-aids.  He just has to touch us, and we can be healed!

crowd participation

I'm always looking for ways for the children to participate in my lesson.  This story includes a large crowd of people following Jesus, as well as a large crowd gathered at the home of Jairus.  I give each child their own doll figurine to hold during the story so that they can participate.  They can crowd around Jesus, cry when Jairus' daughter dies, laugh when Jesus says she is only sleeping, and gasp in amazement when she is raised from the dead.


Theses are great songs to sing about God's power and His love for us! 

Bigger Than Big - great song for kids to join in for worship

My God is So Big - one of our favorites


touch Jesus relay

This relay game gives kids the chance to let our some energy as they race to touch Jesus, and cheer each other on!  Choose a child to be "Jesus" and have them stand at one end of the room, with their hands down at their sides, palms facing out.  Divide the rest of the children into two teams, and line them up at the opposite end of the room.  At your signal, direct one child from each team to run across the room, touch the hand of "Jesus", shout "Jesus healed me!" and run back to their team.  The next children in each line then runs across the room in the same way until all the children from both teams have run the race.  Continue playing, giving as many children as time allows the opportunity to be "Jesus".


miracle sequence

You will need:
To prepare, cut out a set of pictures as three separate pieces, and the scripture for each child.

In class provide a glue stick, and a piece of construction paper for each child.  After they color their set of pictures, help them glue the scripture and each of the three pictures, onto their piece of construction paper, in the correct order.  As you are discussing the series of events in the story, use sequencing language (beginning, middle and end) to encourage vocabulary development, while you reinforce today's lesson!

*the typo on the page for you to print is corrected*

Thursday, January 2, 2020

2020 Scope & Sequence

Happy New Year!  Click the link below to print your own copy.  I appreciate everyone who took the time to drop me a note of encouragement last year.  I pray that you are all blessed and inspired as you teach your little ones wherever you are!