Monday, March 2, 2015

Jesus Changed Zacchaeus' Heart: Home Ideas

Zacchaeus is a prime example of the power of Jesus to forgive us and change our hearts!  He also shows us true repentance.  After he met Jesus, he not only stopped stealing from people, he began giving his money away to help  people in need!  It is good for your child to see that Jesus welcomed Zacchaeus as a friend, even when he had a sinful heart, and then to see the love of Jesus that changed the very core of who he was.

Take some time throughout the week to teach God's Word to your child with these fun, no-prep activities, and practice some preschool skills along the way!

  • Read the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus in your child's Bible.  Pray together and thank Jesus for the power that He has to change our hearts.  Ask your child if there is anything for which they want Jesus to forgive them.  If so, lead them in a prayer pf repentance. 
  • Use one of your child's dolls or stuffed animals as Zacchaeus.  Place it up high on a shelf.  Invite your child to pretend to be Jesus and reenact the story.  Have a tea party or picnic with "Zacchaeus."
  • Watch this animation of the story of Zacchaeus.
  • Watch this song by the Donut Man called "Zaccheus".
  • Here is the traditional song that you may already know, "Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man."
  • Here are the lyrics to "The Repent Song" to sing with your child.
  • Practice pre-writing skills.  'Z' is for Zacchaeus, who was a tax collector.  Print the letter 'Z' in large font. With your supervision, show your child how to place coins over the letter you printed to create the letter 'Z' with coins. ( DO NOT leave your child unattended with coins.)

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