Monday, March 16, 2015

Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man: Home Ideas

This week's activities introduce Jesus to our children as our healer, and also help cultivate a compassionate heart towards people who are sick and in need of prayer and encouragement.  The paralyzed man in the story would have not received such an incredible miracle if not for the faith and persistent love of his friends. 
  • Read the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed, whose friends lowered him to Jesus through the roof, in your child's Bible (Mark 2:1-12; Luke 5:17-26). Pray together for anyone you know who is sick, asking Jesus to heal them. 
  •  Throughout the week read other Bible stories of Jesus healing. 
  • Watch this claymation of Jesus healing the paralyzed man.
  •  Help your child build a house out of Legos or blocks.  Use Lego figures (or other small figurines) to reenact the story together. 
  • People who are sick need to feel love and encouragement from others, as the friends did in our story. Give your child supplies to make a card for someone who is sick. Write a note to let them know that your family is praying for them. 
  •  Jesus is the best doctor, but he also gives us doctors to help us when we are sick. Gather first aid items that are safe for your child to handle, to create a doctor's kit for dramatic play.  Suggested items include band-aids, gauze, a medicine dropper, cotton balls, empty medicine bottles and a clipboard with paper to write on. Stuffed animals and/or dolls can be their patients. 

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