Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 7: God Rested

We have come to the last lesson in our Creation Unit.  In this week's lesson, we are going to review each day of Creation, and discover why Sunday is a special day for us to go to church and worship our Creator!

Bible Truth: God rested.
Bible Story: On the seventh day of Creation, God rested, and made it a special day.
Bible Study: Genesis 2:1-3


Open your Bible to Genesis 1:1 and recite the verse with your class.  Then, review the days of the Creation with picture visuals as you sing "God Created."  Before you sing the last verse, stop to explain that God was finished creating the world in six days.  

SAY: He looked at everything He made and said, "It is good!"  God made Day Seven a very special day. Use a small pillow to illustrate that God rested from His work.  He blessed Day Seven and made it different from all the other days.  He made it a day to stop doing all of our other work, and worship Him! That's why we come to church on Sunday, to worship God!

weekly planner

Use a calendar or planner to illustrate for your class how you might plan your week.  Find small pictures from ads or magazines that you can add to each day as you talk.  For example:
  • Monday - Buy groceries
  • Tuesday - Wash your car
  • Wednesday - Doctor or dentist appointment 
  • Thursday - Clean the bathroom
  • Friday - Ride your bike
  • Saturday - Go to a birthday party
  • Sunday -  On this day, add a cross, or picture of Jesus.
SAY: This day is different than all my other days.  It's a special day  The other days I work and do things that are important to me, but on Sunday, the most important thing that I do, is go to church to worship God.  I get dressed in my nicest clothes, and come to church and see all of you!  We learn about God from the Bible, and praise Him together!

i love church

I found this book at my local Christian bookstore, but it can also be purchased here.  It's a simple, colorful book about a child's love for church.

I Love Church!  -     By: Marjorie Redford, Courtney Rice


  • Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple (listen and download) - This is the traditional child's finger play rhyme set to music, with additional words, "Hallelujah to the King of kings."  For the chorus, "Hallelu, hallelujah," we wave our hands, and then on "King of kings," we extend our hands in front of, with palms up, and lift them higher on each syllable.  Although we do not attend a church with a steeple, I like this song because it reinforces the concept of going to church to worship God.


creation pass n' sort

To prepare for this review game, print and cut out these Creation labels, which are pictured below.  They are intended to be made into a mini-book, but they work as perfect labels for this activity.  Attach each label to a brown paper bag, and set them up in front of the class.  Collect an assortment of items, that can represent different days of Creation.  Put all the items you have collected together in one larger bag. Suggested items to include are:  a small flashlight, water bottle, several cotton balls (glued together), rock, pine cone, flower, seeds, glow in the dark stars, various animal figurines or stuffed animals, small doll figurines, and a small hand mirror.

Invite the children to sit in a circle.  Play music as they pass the bag of assorted items around the circle. Stop the music periodically.  When the music stops, the child holding the bag may reach in and pull out an item.  Together the class determines in which paper bag the item belongs, and the child puts it into the correct bag.  Continue playing until all the items have been sorted into the right bags. Strategically stop the music to ensure that all the children have a turn. 

At the end of the game point out that the last bag (Day 7) is empty.  Ask the children why they think it is empty?  Talk about how that day is different from all the other days.  God rested from His work and make that day a special day to worship Him!


creation wheel

Find the template and instructions for this creation wheel here.

creation binoculars

Kids love their own pair of binoculars.  Make these binoculars for looking at the world that God created. For this craft you will need.
  • two toilet paper rolls
  • construction paper
  • this scripture label
  • paint
  • tape
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • yarn or lacing
  • glue
To prepare, cut construction paper into 4" strips. Tape the toilet paper rolls together, and cut pieces of yarn or lacing approximately 12" long.  Print and cut the scripture labels.

In class, provide paint for the children to decorate a strip of construction paper.  Allow the paint to dry as long as possible.  Wrap and tape the construction paper around the toilet paper rolls.  Punch holes on opposite sides of the toilet paper rolls, and tie yarn or lacing so that the binoculars can hang around the necks of the children.  Glue a scripture label to each pair of binoculars.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

God Created Me!

This week we're going to make creation, and the Creator, more personal for our preschoolers.  As the Psalmist says, we will praise God, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Bible Truth: God created me.
Bible Story: God formed you and made you very special.
Bible Study: Psalm 139:13-18


I begin this lesson with my Bible open as we once again repeat Genesis 1:1.  The constant review and repetition is key to learning!

happy birthday

If you spend some time around preschoolers, you learn quickly that the subject of birthdays, and parties, are extremely hot topics in their world.  They are literally the highlight of their human existence to date!  I was inspired to draw on this excitement and enthusiasm to introduce this lesson, and peak their interest.  I pull out a few "Happy Birthday" Dollar Store items.  Immediately I have every child's attention, and they clamor for attention to tell me about their birthdays. I capitalize on the excitement and give each child the opportunity to share.  Then I explain that birthdays are very special because we celebrate the day that God created you and the day that you were born!

in my mother's womb

I show my class a picture of a baby inside the womb from a book such as "My First Book on the Human Body,"  with very appropriate pictures.  As I show them this picture, I explain that the Bible says God formed you, just like He formed Adam and Eve.  Then, He put you inside our mommy's tummy to grow. It's a very, very special way that God made each and every one of you!


five senses exploration

Exploring the five senses is a way to talk to the kids about how God formed and designed each part of our bodies.  Gather five brown lunch sacks.  Label each one with one of the five senses.  You can draw your own labels, or use the labels from the five senses craft found later on this post. Round up the items, like the ones shown below, from around your house. Place the items in the corresponding bags.  As you discuss each of the senses, pull out the items for your preschoolers to experience.

Sight: binoculars, magnifying glass, glasses, or any other "looking" object.

Taste: toothpicks dipped in sugar water and lemon juice for each child to taste sweet and sour.

Hearing: a bell or other small musical instrument.

Smell: a scented candle.

Touch: various objects with textures such as rough, smooth, squishy, bumpy, soft, fluffy, etc.

i spy

God created our eyes to see.  Play "I Spy."  Say, "I spy with my little eye something that is ____________ (color)," and let the children guess what you spy.  Continue playing as long as they are interested in spying different objects.


  • God Created - Sing through verse seven again this week.
  • God Made It All - This is a great simple song with actions.
  • I Praise You Lord With the Hands You Made - This is a fun upbeat song that teaches Psalm 139:14.  It can be downloaded from iTunes as performed by either Miss Patty Cake or The Donut Man.
  • The Mirror Song -  I originally learned this song from a toddler curriculum that we used in our church many years ago.  It is very effective every time I use it with my preschoolers.  Hold a hand mirror up to each child's face as you sing their name.  Their reactions to the mirror are priceless!
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes -  This is the classic children's song that goes along well with this lesson.


party hats

This craft is in keeping with the celebratory theme of the lesson.  I found plain colored party hats for this craft at Wal-Mart, in packages of  eight for $1.47 per package.  You will need:
  • party hats
  • this label
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • glue or tape
  • stickers (optional)
To prepare, print and cur out the labels.  In class, provide crayons for children to color their labels.  Attach the colorful labels to the hats and add some stickers for some festive fun!

If you decide to make your own hats instead, here is the template, and additional items that you will need.
  • this party hat template
  • card stock
  • stapler
  • stretchy string
Making your own hats will require a little more preparation before class.  To prepare, download, print and cut out the party hat template out of card stock.  Print the the labels onto colored paper, and cut them out. In class, decorate the hats as mentioned above.

five senses

Add some fun items to this activity sheet so each child can explore the five senses on their own.  You will need:

  • this activity sheet
  • crayons
  • foil
  • jingle bells (available at Wal-Mart in packages of fifty-five for $2.97)
  • Kool-aid or gelatin mix
  • individually wrapped candy
  • sand paper and/or felt
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue
To prepare, cut foil, sand paper, and/or felt into small rectangles.

In class, help the children glue and tape the items into the correct boxes on their activity page.  For the sense of smell, first apply glue to the paper.  Then, sprinkle Kool-aid or gelatin powder onto the glue, and shake off the excess as you would with glitter.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Creation Day 6: Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve were the crown of God's creation.  In preschool terms, they were the most special part of His creation.  As we teach about the creation of the first humans, I hope the children get a sense of the complete and perfect joy that Adam and Eve had with their Creator.  Ultimately, that is the relationship that our Creator wants to have with each one of us.  In a few weeks when we teach about Adam and Eve's sin, and the consequences of their sin, the children will be able to see the contrast between the joy of a relationship with God, and the sadness of sin that separates us from God.

Bible Truth: God created people.
Bible Story: God created the first man (Adam) and the first woman (Eve), and put them in His garden.
Bible Study: Genesis 1:26-2:25


By now, the kids are likely starting to really learn Genesis 1:1.  As you hold your Bible  open, repeat the verse together with actions, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  Since we have already introduced and explored each of the previous days of Creation, reading the account of Creation from a children's Bible is a good way to review, and introduce the creation of Adam and Eve.

Before reading the story, say:  We have learned how God made the heavens and the earth.  He said, "Let there be light, water, trees, sun, birds and animals," and there they were.  God spoke the words and all these things were made.  But God had one more, very special thing to create.  Let's read our Bible to find out what it is!

Read the Bible story from a children's Bible.  One Bible that I like for this story is "The Story for Little Ones".  It has a very limited number of Bible stories, but I like the account of Creation for this lesson, because it specifically points out that God did something different when He created human beings.  He formed Adam and Eve, and breathed life into them.

Story for Little Ones: Discover the Bible in Pictures, Hardcover  -

When you finish reading the story, keep the book open to a picture of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and say: Adam and Eve were the most special part of God's creation.  They were the first man and the first woman.  Raise your hand if you are a boy like Adam!  Wait for all the boys to raise their hands. Raise your hand if you are a girl like Eve!  Wait for all the girls to raise their hands.  God put Adam and Eve in a beautiful garden.  He told them to eat the fruit from the trees, and to take care of the garden. Adam and Eve were happy.  They were friends with God, and they took care of God's garden.  Sing God Created, then pray together, and thank God for making people, the most special part of His creation.



balloon object lesson & game

Setup this game for the children with a short lesson.  Gather the children together in a circle, then say: The Bible says that God breathed life into Adam, and he became a living person.  People are different than the animals.  God only breathed His life into people, the most special part of His creation.  Give your preschoolers a visual demonstration with one blue and one pink balloon.  Blow up the blue balloon to represent Adam, and then the pink balloon to represent Eve.  Draw a happy face on each balloon, as you say: Adam and Eve were happy.  God placed them in His garden to take care of it.  Place the balloons in the middle of the circle.  Adam and Eve were friends with God, and enjoyed everything that He made. We're going to play a game to keep Adam and Eve happy in God's garden.

The object of the game is to keep both balloons (Adam and Eve) in the circle (God's garden), as the children bat the balloons around to each other.  Remind them that they must remain seated in their spot of the circle.  As they are playing, comment that Adam and Eve are having a wonderful time in God's garden.


balloon craft

This craft corresponds to the previous object lesson and game.  There is not quite as much for the kids to do in this craft, which allows more time for the game.  Then the balloon craft that each child takes home, reminds them of this lesson.  

You will need:
  • 5" blue and pink balloons
  • this print out
  • card stock
  • permanent marker
  • a hole punch
  • crayons
To prepare, print the print out on card stock, cut into fours, and punch a hole in the designated spot.  It may also be a good idea to blow up the balloons and draw on the happy faces ahead of time.

In class as children are coloring and decorating their feet, give each boy a blue balloon, and each girl a pink balloon that you have prepared.  Help them attach the feet to the balloon by pulling the tail of the balloon through the hole of the feet.  

When they have finished their balloon creations, reiterate to the Bible truths with children.  The balloons remind us how God breathed life into people.   We put a happy face on our balloons, because Adam and Eve were happy together in God's Garden.  The feet are attached to the balloons, because Adam and Eve walked with God.  They obeyed God, and took care of His garden.

forming creations

Provide Air-Dry Clay, or play dough for the children to form.  Explain that God formed Adam.  Give your preschoolers time to form the clay or dough into their own creations.  Put each child's creation into a Ziploc bag for them to take home.  Download the labels shown below here, to attach to the bags  They are sized to fit Avery 8162 Address Labels, but you could just as easily print them out on paper and tape the labels to the bags.

adam & eve coloring page

I embellished this coloring sheet a bit to add an element of alphabet recognition with "A" and "E" for Adam and Eve.  Add happy faces stickers to this page (or another similar one) to emphasize how happy Adam and Eve were in God's garden.

I believe the original artwork for this coloring sheet was from, however I was unable to locate the original coloring sheet to link you to.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Creation Day 6: Animals

Preschoolers are fascinated by animals!  Truthfully, we could do whole learning units on various animals. This week we're going to explore all that we can as we admire God's creative work.

Bible Truth: God created animals that live on land.
Bible Story: God created all the animals, even dinosaurs!
Bible Study: Genesis 1:24-25


Begin this lesson with review.  First lead preschoolers in repeating Genesis 1:1 as you read it from your Bible, and then quickly review the first five days of Creation.  Singing "God Created," as you show a visual for each verse of the song, is a good way to review.

picture book walk

We've been doing this each week, because it's a great way to add both visual and hands-on elements to our lessons, as the kids explore books themselves.  Check out a collection of animal books from your local library to bring into your classroom.  Talk with the children about how to properly care for the books that you are borrowing.  As the children are perusing the books, engage in conversation with them about all the amazing, and different animals that God created.


While you are at the library, you may also look for a read-a-loud animal book, like "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Bill Martin Jr.  I like to read "Desert Night Desert Day" by Anthony D. Fredericks (pictured above) to my class because we live in the desert, so these are animals that they may actually see out in the wild.

Image result for brown bear brown bear

animal sounds

Download a free animal sounds app onto your phone or tablet.  I have this one.  Play the sounds of various land animals for the children to identify and discover.  This could work well as a game with the picture books, or even animal cards, if you have them.  Play the sound of an animal, and see who can find a picture of that animal.

iPhone Screenshot 1


animals all around

Collect an assortment of toy animals (plastic and/or stuffed).  Gather the children to sit in a circle, and give each child an animal to hold.  Sing "God Created Animals" (an adapted version of "Old MacDonald"). Call the names of animals that children are holding as you repeat the song.  When their animal is called, invite the child to stand up and animate their animal as the class sings along.



tactile animal book

Here is an animal "touch" book for preschoolers to create as they match the animal skins on their own.

You will need:
  • this booklet print out
  • animal print paper, felt or Foamies
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • glue
  • crayons
To prepare, make double-sided copies of the print outs to create a booklet with two full sheets of paper for each book.  Copy the cover page with page #2 and #7 on the reverse side.  Make double-sided copies of the two remaining pages.  Be sure that the page numbers are in the correct order, fold them into a booklet, and staple near the fold.  Cut out animal print paper, felt or Foamies in appropriate sizes for each animal.

In class, give each child a booklet and one of each animal "skin."  Invite children to color the animals and glue the appropriate skin to each animal.

Animal "skins" for pig, elephant, dinosaur, zebra, tiger and giraffe.

dynamic dinos

I found this great dinosaur craft here.  The templates for each dinosaur demonstrated are at the end of the post.  I will probably stick with the Diplodocus, pictured below, since it is the most simple design to cut out.  

Just a word about dinosaurs.  I believe it is important to include dinosaurs in our teaching about Creation. Young children are often enamored with dinosaurs, and most of the information available about dinosaurs propagates an evolutionary world view.  The fossil record supports the Bible's mention of dinosaurs who lived on the earth at the same time as man.  By including dinosaurs in our teaching about Creation, we are laying a foundation for children to accept the literal Creation that is described in Genesis, which included dinosaurs.  For much more in depth reading on this subject visit

sticker art

Provide animal stickers for children to add to a coloring page such as the one pictured below that you can download from here.