Saturday, September 19, 2015

God Created Me!

This week we're going to make creation, and the Creator, more personal for our preschoolers.  As the Psalmist says, we will praise God, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Bible Truth: God created me.
Bible Story: God formed you and made you very special.
Bible Study: Psalm 139:13-18


I begin this lesson with my Bible open as we once again repeat Genesis 1:1.  The constant review and repetition is key to learning!

happy birthday

If you spend some time around preschoolers, you learn quickly that the subject of birthdays, and parties, are extremely hot topics in their world.  They are literally the highlight of their human existence to date!  I was inspired to draw on this excitement and enthusiasm to introduce this lesson, and peak their interest.  I pull out a few "Happy Birthday" Dollar Store items.  Immediately I have every child's attention, and they clamor for attention to tell me about their birthdays. I capitalize on the excitement and give each child the opportunity to share.  Then I explain that birthdays are very special because we celebrate the day that God created you and the day that you were born!

in my mother's womb

I show my class a picture of a baby inside the womb from a book such as "My First Book on the Human Body,"  with very appropriate pictures.  As I show them this picture, I explain that the Bible says God formed you, just like He formed Adam and Eve.  Then, He put you inside our mommy's tummy to grow. It's a very, very special way that God made each and every one of you!


five senses exploration

Exploring the five senses is a way to talk to the kids about how God formed and designed each part of our bodies.  Gather five brown lunch sacks.  Label each one with one of the five senses.  You can draw your own labels, or use the labels from the five senses craft found later on this post. Round up the items, like the ones shown below, from around your house. Place the items in the corresponding bags.  As you discuss each of the senses, pull out the items for your preschoolers to experience.

Sight: binoculars, magnifying glass, glasses, or any other "looking" object.

Taste: toothpicks dipped in sugar water and lemon juice for each child to taste sweet and sour.

Hearing: a bell or other small musical instrument.

Smell: a scented candle.

Touch: various objects with textures such as rough, smooth, squishy, bumpy, soft, fluffy, etc.

i spy

God created our eyes to see.  Play "I Spy."  Say, "I spy with my little eye something that is ____________ (color)," and let the children guess what you spy.  Continue playing as long as they are interested in spying different objects.


  • God Created - Sing through verse seven again this week.
  • God Made It All - This is a great simple song with actions.
  • I Praise You Lord With the Hands You Made - This is a fun upbeat song that teaches Psalm 139:14.  It can be downloaded from iTunes as performed by either Miss Patty Cake or The Donut Man.
  • The Mirror Song -  I originally learned this song from a toddler curriculum that we used in our church many years ago.  It is very effective every time I use it with my preschoolers.  Hold a hand mirror up to each child's face as you sing their name.  Their reactions to the mirror are priceless!
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes -  This is the classic children's song that goes along well with this lesson.


party hats

This craft is in keeping with the celebratory theme of the lesson.  I found plain colored party hats for this craft at Wal-Mart, in packages of  eight for $1.47 per package.  You will need:
  • party hats
  • this label
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • glue or tape
  • stickers (optional)
To prepare, print and cur out the labels.  In class, provide crayons for children to color their labels.  Attach the colorful labels to the hats and add some stickers for some festive fun!

If you decide to make your own hats instead, here is the template, and additional items that you will need.
  • this party hat template
  • card stock
  • stapler
  • stretchy string
Making your own hats will require a little more preparation before class.  To prepare, download, print and cut out the party hat template out of card stock.  Print the the labels onto colored paper, and cut them out. In class, decorate the hats as mentioned above.

five senses

Add some fun items to this activity sheet so each child can explore the five senses on their own.  You will need:

  • this activity sheet
  • crayons
  • foil
  • jingle bells (available at Wal-Mart in packages of fifty-five for $2.97)
  • Kool-aid or gelatin mix
  • individually wrapped candy
  • sand paper and/or felt
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue
To prepare, cut foil, sand paper, and/or felt into small rectangles.

In class, help the children glue and tape the items into the correct boxes on their activity page.  For the sense of smell, first apply glue to the paper.  Then, sprinkle Kool-aid or gelatin powder onto the glue, and shake off the excess as you would with glitter.

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