Friday, July 31, 2015

Theme 4 Scope & Sequence

Hello there! It's good to be back here on the blog!

Although I took a break from blogging for a couple months, teaching and ministering to children has been in full force throughout the summer.  It was great to see and meet some of you (and your children) in June at my church's International Bible Conference!

Immediately after Conference, it was time to shift gears into full throttle preparation for Vacation Bible School.  This year we did Answers in Genesis' Camp Kilimanjaro: An Epic Expedition Through Proverbs. We had a blast, all centered around the wisdom of God's Word.  I'm always impressed with the biblical content in AIG's curriculum, and I especially love the JumpStart3 memory verse music that they have had the last the couple years.  The kids love these songs too! Singing God's Word is one of the best ways I know to help kids memorize scripture, and keep it hidden in their heart.  JumpStart3 has several albums, and all of their songs are straight scripture.  The style of the music is such that even older children find the music appealing.  I highly recommend them to use in your children's ministry, or at home with your own children.

If you have been following  my lessons here on the blog, you know that we are ready to jump into our next teaching unit! For the next two months in my class, we will be exploring the beginning and wonder of God's Creation. This teaching unit is perfect for young children, because it is so visual and tangible. You can view the lesson schedule below, and click on the link to download your own copy.  Follow along here on the blog for lots of ideas each week to help you teach these lessons. You can always leave a comment to share your own ideas as well.  I hope you'll join me!