Monday, March 7, 2016

Children's Ministry Conference Recap

Last weekend my husband and I were honored to attend, and speak at an annual children's ministry conference in Prescott, AZ.  One of the highlights for me was to meet, and reconnect with many fellow teachers and faithful readers.  The testimonies and encouragement that I heard and received, about how this blog is helping you all in your ministries, was extremely humbling and uplifting.  When we step out in faith to meet a need, and fulfill a vision, God gets involved to extend our reach, and our impact for His glory!

If you would like to see my entire preschool ministry presentation from the conference, you can view it here!

Here is the handout from my seminar as well.

This year's conference theme, "Getting God's Word Into (and the World Out Of) Your Children's Church," was exciting for me, because getting God's Word into children is my passion!  It is what I devote much of time and energy to.  The words and messages given at the conference refreshed my commitment, and renewed my sense of purpose.  God's Word, and His Word alone, has the power to bring transformation, hope, and truth into the lives of our kids.  I am extremely grateful that God would use me, to partner with you, as an expression of His Word, to His children.

I also highly recommend viewing these seminars from the conference:
Creative Storytelling Techniques by Liz VonSeggan
Loving the Unlikable Child by Michael Derois