Monday, March 23, 2015

Jesus Calms a Storm: Home Ideas

This week we are discovering that Jesus is stronger and more powerful than anything that we are afraid of.  He is always with us, and we can always ask Him to help us when we feel afraid.  After teaching the children this week's story, I ask them if Spiderman or Elsa can stop a storm like Jesus can?  Since these are characters with super powers that many young children admire, I want them to know that Jesus is more than a superhero.  He has real power.  He is awesome!
  • Read the story of Jesus calming a storm out of Matthew 8:23-27 and Mark 4:35-41 in your child's Bible.  Talk about any fears your child may have and pray about their fears with them.  Assure them that Jesus is bigger and stronger than any fear.
  • Watch this animation of Jesus calming the storm.
  •  Let your child create a boat to reenact the story.  Use a big box, laundry basket, or get creative with chairs and blankets.  Bath time would also be a good time to reenact this story.
  • Sing "Our God is Awesome God" along with these kids.  Remind them that God is big and strong, and He is always with them to help them when they feel afraid.
  • In the bath tub, or at the sink filled with water, use a plastic container to demonstrate why the disciples though their boat would sink when it started filling up with water.  Experiment with other objects.  Ask your child to make a prediction as to whether an object will float or sink, and then test it to see if their prediction is correct.

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