Monday, April 13, 2015

A Home in Heaven: Home Ideas

This week's activities are designed to introduce your child to the hope and promise of heaven.  The reality of our heavenly hope was renewed in my own heart as I planned and prepared these lessons.  My prayer is that in the teachable moments you have with your children and students this week, that your heart is also encouraged and uplifted by the promise of our eternal home.

  • Read the story of Jesus ascending into heaven. Pray together and thank Jesus for preparing a home for us where we can live with Him forever. 

  • Jesus said that in His Father's house there are many mansions. Help your child construct their own mansion with recycled boxes and containers. Then let them paint and decorate it. 

  • Sing, clap and dance along to "Soon and Very Soon" (This is a great kids version of a classic song!)

  • 'H' is for Heaven. Print the letters 'H' and 'h' in a large font. Show your child how to roll out long thin pieces of play dough and form an upper and a lower case 'H'. Then use the play dough to form things that begin with the letter 'H' such as a horse, hippo, hat, house, heart etc.


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