Saturday, August 6, 2016

Creation Day 2

Preschoolers love to explore, and discover the world around them.  As you explore Day Two of Creation with your class, lead them to the great love of our Creator, which reaches higher than the heavens, and beyond the depths of the sea.

Bible Truth: God created sky and water.
Bible Story: God put clouds in the sky; and gave us water to drink, bathe, swim, etc.
Bible Study: Genesis 1:1,6-8


You will need:
  • a Bible
  • small blue cloth
  • clear tote
  • water
Prepare for the lesson by filling a clear tote to the desired level with water.  Cover the tote with the blue cloth.  Set it out in sight of the children, to spark their curiosity in your lesson.  Begin teaching with your Bible open to introduce the memory verse.

SAY: We are learning the very first words that are written in the Bible.  They tell us how God created the whole world.  Repeat after me.  Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  

On day number one (show me one finger),  God spoke, "Let there be light!" and there was light.  There was day and night on the first day of Creation.  God looked at the light, and said, "It is good!"

On day two (show me two fingers), God spoke, "Let there be sky up above the earth.  Reach up high.  And let there be water down below.  Make wave-like motions with your hands.  

Lift the small blue cloth from the tote, holding it over the heads of the children, out of their reach.  God put the beautiful blue sky way up high above the earth.  Can you reach the sky?  No, I can't either!  Thank You God for creating the sky!  

Lightly splash the water in the tote.  God also put big oceans, and seas of water on the earth.  God gave us water to drink when we are thirsty.  He gave us water so that we can take a bath, and wash ourselves clean.  We can also go swimming and play with water!  Thank You God for creating water!


shaving cream rain clouds

This is a cool visual to introduce your class to a simplified version of the water cycle.  Preschoolers can begin to understand how clouds fill up with water, and rain down on the earth.  Their reactions of wonder and amazement are precisely the way we want them to view the world around them, as well as the Creator of it all!

sink or float

Fill a clear tote with water, and set it next to you in front of the class.  Gather together several small toys, and/or objects of various densities.  Some examples include, a Lego brick, a coin, a small rock, a feather, etc.  Give each child an object to hold.  Invite one child at a time to bring their object up to the tote to predict whether their object will sink of float.  Then allow them to test their prediction!



You will need:
To prepare, print out this page, and pick out all the different shades of blue crayons that you have.

In class, provide blue crayons for the children to color the large number two.  When they finish coloring, help them glue cotton balls, as clouds, onto their number two.


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