Saturday, February 20, 2016

Teacher Hack for Glue

If glue bottles only seem to create messes and frustration for you during your craft time with little ones, then you are going to love this!

Since I share so many craft ideas with you here, I wanted to pass along a clever little hack.  I wish I could say that this genius idea is my own, but I've seen it a few other places around Pinterest.  All you need is a wide shallow container, with a lid, and a sponge. I picked up some colorful plastic containers, and sponges, from Dollar Tree, and cut the sponges to fill the space in each container.

Step #1: Cover the entire top surface of the sponge with glue.
Step #2: Allow the glue to soak into the sponge.

That's it!

Now all your kiddos have to do is press an object into the sponge and stick it to their paper.  NO gobs of glue, and NO plugged glue bottles! (Cue angel chorus, "Ha-llelujah!")

Over time the glue will soak down to the bottom of the sponge.  Simply turn the sponge over, and continue using it.  Keep a water bottle handy to spray the sponge if it begins to dry out.  When it is no longer sticky enough, add more glue!  Of course you will want to keep the lid on the container when it is not in use.

The kids in my class love to use the glue sponges, and it allows them to be more independent with their crafting, while minimizing the mess. I hope this helps craft time go a little more smoothly for you too!


  1. I started using these in Sunday school months ago and we love it! I teach "regular" preschool too and there I like to help the kids learn to use the glue right from the bottle or from a glue stick simply because that is a great skill they will need as they grow, but Sunday School is different. We are not here to teach them to use glue properly, but to teach them about Jesus and his love. Anything that makes the craft easier to manage for kids with different levels of experience with the basics of glue, scissors, ect... makes our morning go much smoother. They kids love that they can really use it easily - They want to do a glue project every week!

    1. I'm so glad to know that these lessons have been a blessing to you and the kids in your Sunday School, and that you are all enjoying the use of glue now!

  2. Thank you. I just came across this by accident, but coincidentally I was wondering whether trying to use glue in Sunday School tomorrow would be possible. This seems a good option. I usually use glue sticks, but they won't hold everything.