Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gabriel's Good News

Bible Truth: The angel brings good news.
Bible Story: The angel Gabriel told Mary and Joseph they would have a special baby named JESUS.
Bible Study: Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-28


I like using felt characters to tell and illustrate the Christmas story.  Especially for the annunciation of Jesus' birth. I can have the angel Gabriel appear and disappear, just as he did when he announced the birth of Jesus to both Mary and Joseph.  I keep the felt characters in a gift box and pull them out of the box as I tell the story each week.  This accomplishes two things.  Number one: it helps to pique the curiosity and interest of the children.  Number two: it emphasizes that Jesus is the greatest gift of Christmas.

Our children's ministry purchased this felt set over twenty years ago, and it has been an absolutely worthwhile investment!  If that is not quite in your budget at this time, I have a suggestion for you. You can create your own felt characters by purchasing a children's Bible story book with nice simple pictures.  Cut out the characters, and attach felt to the back of them.  Wah-la!  You have your own beautiful felt characters at a tiny fraction of the cost!

I would also like to recommend the Little People Nativity Set to you.  I like using the set as a visual, but it's also a great set for the children to play with as the reenact the story, and tell it in their own words.  A child's play is a child's work.  It is how they process and internalize what they have learned.  Most nativity scenes are expensive and fancy, and children are told, "Don't touch!"  But we want them to touch this story.  We want them to know that this is their story, because Jesus was born to be their Savior.

Gabriel brings a very similar message three times, announcing Jesus the birth of Jesus to Mary, Joseph, and later to the shepherds.  I use this message as a refrain that we repeat throughout the telling of the Christmas story.  It is the good news of Christmas!

Putting it on an anchor chart is a good visual for emerging literacy skills, and also helps all the teachers repeat the same refrain throughout each week.  Repetition is the mother of learning!  Soon I am able to leave out those key pictorialized words, and let the kids fill them in.  (I'm pretty sure I just made up a word there, ha!)  Adding actions for each of those keywords helps too!


The Jewish people had been waiting for the Messiah for thousands of years.  When Gabriel brought the message to Mary, the Messiah finally had a name. JESUS!  The Name that is above every other name, and the only name that has the power to save us.  Sing that sweet name of Jesus with your kiddos with this fun and simple song.

Download "J-E-S-U-S" tune and lyrics here.

This song works best for little ones if you have a visual like the one below to help them follow along. Download the printable visual here.  Use Velcro to remove the hands, and then add them on as you sing the song.


the angel appears

For this craft you will need:
  • this printable
  • scissors
  • an Exacto knife
  • gold glitter glue
  • paint brushes
  • brad fasteners
  • crayons
To prepare, use an Exacto knife, to cut along the dotted lines of the printable, to create a space for the angel to "appear".  Cut out the circle printable.

In class, provide crayons for the children to color the picture of Mary and Joseph.  Help the children use gold glitter to paint the angel.  Attach the angel wheel to the back coloring page with a brad fastener.

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