Monday, August 3, 2015

Creation Day 1

Throughout our Creation unit, I want to spark a sense of awe and wonder for the Creator in the hearts of my preschoolers, and then introduce them to His perfect love for them as the crown of His creation.  With this thought underlying each lesson we teach, lets begin with Day One!

Bible Truth: God created light.
Bible Story: God gave us light for day and darkness for night.
Bible Study: Genesis 1:1-5


You will need:
  • your Bible
  • a dark cloth
  • a flashlight
Begin teaching this lesson with your Bible open to introduce the memory verse.

SAY: We are going to learn the very first words that are written in the Bible.  They tell us how God created the whole world.  Repeat after me.  Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Wow!  That means that God made everything!  Let's keep reading our Bible and find out how He made it.

First there was nothing, only darkness. Hold up the dark cloth. Pin it to the wall, or ask a child to hold it for you.  Then God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.  Shine the flashlight onto the dark cloth. Turn off the flashlight, and repeat.

That is amazing!  How did God make light?  He just said, "Let there light."  It was dark, cover your eyes, and God said, "Let there be light." Uncover your eyes like peek-a-boo. Repeat this a few times as the children join in the game with you.

God looked at the light that He made and said, "It is good."  Give two thumbs up each time you repeat this phrase.  What did God say when he looked at the light that He made?  It is good.  Say that with me. It is good.  

God called the light Day, and the darkness Night.  Look outside.  Right now is it Day or Night?  Let children answer.  God gave us the Day to work and to play, and the Night to rest and sleep.  

Sing this with me.  Sing the first verse of God Created.  (We'll add a new verse each week.)

Let's pray.  Say, thank You God for creating light for day and darkness for night.  You are so amazing.  In Jesus name, amen!


Here are some hands-on ideas to reinforce your lesson.

  • God separated the light from the darkness.  Bring in collection of light and dark objects and toys.  Let the children help you separate the light from the dark.
  • Give each child an Oreo.  Pull the cookie apart to separate the light from the dark, then enjoy a special treat.  (Be sure there are no children with allergies, and that parents are okay with their children having a sweet snack.)
  • Give each child a glow stick.  Turn off the lights and sing "God Created" as everyone waves around their glow sticks.  Let the children take them home as reminders of the lesson.  (I saw packs of glow sticks the other day in Target's Red Spot section.  You can also check the Dollar Store!)


light and dark mosaic

You will need:
  • this activity page
  • bright colored paper
  • black/dark paper
  • scissors
  • paper plates
  • glue
To prepare, simply cut out tiles of bright colored paper and black paper.  Place both the light and dark tiles on paper plates.  In class, let the children sort out the tiles and glue them onto their paper.  As you are crafting, talk about all the beautiful colors that God created with light!

let there be light

You will need:
  • this scripture print out
  • black construction paper
  • aluminum foil
  • craft sticks
  • scissors
  • glue
To prepare, cut sheets of black paper into quarters, and cut pieces of aluminum foil to the same size.  Cut the scripture print out into strips.  In class, help the children assemble the craft by gluing a craft stick as a handle in between a piece of black paper and a piece of foil.  Glue the scripture to the corresponding sides of the craft as shown below.  Practice repeating the scripture with the children as they show the dark and light sides of their craft.

Please excuse the blurriness.  The reflection off of the foil made it impossible to focus!


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