Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Home in Heaven

Heaven is a very abstract concept for children to understand.  We don't even fully comprehend it as adults!  However, Jesus does give us some very clear and beautiful descriptions about our hope of eternity with Him.  In this lesson, I try to make heaven as tangible and real as possible.  I also emphasize to my little preschoolers that the best part about heaven is that we will finally be able to really see Jesus and be with Him forever!
Bible Truth: I have a forever home in Heaven.
Bible Story: Jesus went back to Heaven to prepare a home for us.
Bible Study: John 14:1-6; Acts 1:9-11; I Thessalonians 4:15-17; Revelation 21:22-27



I like using our flannel graph set to visually show Jesus ascending up into heaven as I tell this story.  Then I use a gold gift bag that I call my "Heaven Bag" to describe the kind of home that the Bible says Jesus is preparing for us.  Below is a list of items that I have in the bag.  I pull each item out one by one, and talk about whether or not we will have and/or need it in heaven.  If it will be in heaven I keep it in the gold bag.  If not, I throw it into a trash bag, which I usually ask one of the children to hold for me.

 Items to represent what will be in heaven include:
  • gold (coins or jewelry)
  • crown
  • jewels
  • small musical instrument (worship)
  • piece of fruit (we will have a feast in heaven)
  • picture of Jesus (the best part about heaven is we will see Jesus!)
Items that will not be in heaven include:
  • band-aids 
  • medicine
  • flashlight
  • tissues (to wipe tears) 
  • black heart (sin) 




Heaven is a Happy Place - I have colored various pictures from coloring books to illustrate each verse of this song.  You could also hold up objects from the lesson above that correspond with each verse of this song.  Follow the link for the tune and lyrics. 



up in a cloud

This craft helps the children remember, and retell the story of Jesus' ascension.  You will need:
  • these print outs (I suggest printing the first page on card stock for stability and ease of operation.)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • yarn
  • hole-punch
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • crayons
To prepare, cut out the large clouds, and pictures of Jesus for each child.  Punch a hole in the center top and bottom of the activity page, and thread a piece of yarn (approximately 20 inches long) through each hole.  Tie off the ends of the yarn in the back near to the top hole.  Tape Jesus to the piece of yarn.

In class, children can color their page and glue cotton balls the clouds.  Help them put glue on the opposite ends of the large cloud, and attach it to their pages in a way that allows for Jesus to easily be pulled up behind it.  Children pull the string in the back to move Jesus from standing on the ground with His disciples, to ascend up to heaven in a cloud.

'h' is for heaven

This is simple, low prep craft.  Print this activity sheet onto cloud stationery paper.  I purchased mine from Wal-Mart.  Give the children small cotton balls, or pull larger cotton balls apart, to glue onto the letter 'H'.

a beautiful home

Another simple craft is to provide children with craft jewels and sequins to decorate a picture like this. 

See this post for more activities to teach your child about Heaven at home this week!


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  2. I'm thinking of doing a New Creation lesson, and the bag idea sounds great! Thanks.

  3. We did a lesson about Jesus' return and the New Heavens & Earth today - your objects idea was really helpful. Especially as we had the 3s-4s joining us (I usually teach 5s-6s).

  4. Absolutely love the heaven bag idea! I'm going to use it with Jesus' Ascension lesson. Thank you!

  5. As always, fantastic! I love the concrete illustrations to help young minds grasp a very abstract concept like heaven.

  6. I'm going to use your Up in a cloud and "H" is for Heaven craft to help my Sunday Club children understand Jesus's Ascension. It will keep them busy in lockdown. Brilliant thanks.

  7. Thank you for this. I'm going to use the bag idae for Heaven in my Childre's Sermon this Sunday. We do a FB Live service. And, yes, we are very very Socially Distancing.